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20NTC Session Proposal

Sustained Resistance: Tools for Keeping Advocacy Fresh

Submitted by: Madeline Stanionis NTEN Member badge | M+R


We’re living in an exhausting political time. Every issue, from climate change, to reproductive healthcare, to basic human rights, is under attack, and the scary headlines and serious threats never, ever slow down. We long for the ebb and flow of political times of yore—and so do our activists and donors. But we can’t slow down, not even for a minute, and that means we have to keep our campaigns fresh and compelling day in, day out.

This session will share smart strategies, new tools, and irresistible tactics from organizations like Planned Parenthood, Natural Resources Defense Council, and more, that will keep your advocacy and fundraising work fresh, focused, and fierce.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn about several new tools that can help with organizing and fundraising
  • See how organizations are keeping tried-and-true tactics fresh
  • Walk away with enough inspiration to keep resisting even more!

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346 - 347


April 12, 2018


1:30pm – 3:00pm

CFRE Credits

NFR - 1.5

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