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20NTC Session Proposal

Survival Strategies for the Solo Slash/Marketer


Did you join your nonprofit expecting to do one thing and then ended up getting “marketing” added to your role – and maybe even your title? Perhaps you are trained in design or writing – and now are expected to be a pro at all the things?

If you are ever frustrated or overwhelmed by the bandwidth of your role, join your peers to find some solutions.

In this unique session, we’ll host a lively group discussion among people who share your same challenges in the role of “Slash/Marketer.” Discover ideas, tools, and processes that are working for others…and just might be a lifesaver for you too. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Meet and brainstorm solutions with others who share the same challenges
  • Believe in their capabilities and and capacity to learn what they need to do a great job
  • Shift into positive thinking about their role and out of frustration

Target Audience

Professionals who are handling the all mar/com work - possibly on top of development or other duties

Additional Speakers

The whole room


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