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20NTC Session Proposal

Supporting Diversity with Multicultural Design

Submitted by: Jessica Tate | ThinkShout


For the first time in history, nonprofit organizations have the power to communicate with supporters anywhere on earth. While organizations have become increasingly savvy when it comes to understanding their audience, they might unintentionally exclude potential supporters through audience-focused design decisions. By creating a foundation of encouraging diversity and inclusion through multicultural design, we begin to reach and respect potential global audiences.

We will start by identifying how design is experienced across cultures. We’ll explore how to craft a platform that meets a user’s basic needs, no matter who they are. From standard accessibility requirements, to interfaces that adjust based on the user’s culture, we will dive into foundational design principles that focus unique user engagement and interaction. We will explore color theory and its cultural meaning, interfaces that support multilingual design and typography, and general accessibility on the web.

Throughout the session we’ll discuss:

  • Easy-to-implement design updates to existing brands
  • Using global design principles to encourage diversity
  • Creating an accessible interface
  • Crafting an interface that adjusts based on audience
  • Discovering cultural design principles such as color theory and multilingual typography

Learning Outcomes

  • Explore tactical ways to update existing brands to become more inclusive and diverse
  • Learn how design principles are influenced and reflected across the world
  • Craft interfaces that speak directly to a broad range of users and their needs



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April 11, 2018


3:30pm – 5:00pm

CFRE Credits

NFR - 1.5

Collaborative Notes

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Session Evaluation

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