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20NTC Session Proposal

Streamline Your Programs with a Community Portal


Does your program require constant back and forth between your organization and its volunteers, applicants, grantees, or partners? Do you wish there was one place for everyone to get necessary information without having to email you? Then it’s time to consider a community portal to streamline communications and provide a unique experience for your supporters. In this session, we’ll go over different use cases and identify those that would benefit most from a community portal. Then we’ll discuss how to set up a community portal for success and go over things to consider. Lastly, we’ll see a live community portal in action.

Learning Outcomes

  • Determine whether a community portal is right for your use case and the benefits portals provide.
  • Learn how to approach and set up a community portal project for success.
  • See an example of a live community portal.

Target Audience

Staff looking to provide an engaging self-service experience for their constituents