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20NTC Session Proposal

Storytelling Podcasts are not for the faint of heart


“Everyone has a podcast” is a phrase I hear all the time.  The implication is that not every podcast out there is high-quality, or meaningful for the organizations they are meant to serve. This presentation will help people who are serious about creating a storytelling podcast have the basic tools to begin considering how to get started, who to hire, what resources they will need to make it happen and how to go about telling an audio story. There will also be a component of explaining the project management needed to support a podcast. We will give an overview of ways to maximize your podcast exposure through social media, email strategies, web presence and paid advertising. There will be a focus on understanding different podcast styles and the creative and technical needs to build meaningful audio experiences that are inclusive, compelling and can support an organization’s brand. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify if the resources needed to build a podcast and know how/where to find them.
  • Use ads, marketing and social media strategies to engage listening audience.
  • Have a beginning understanding of the creative elements required to tell compelling audio stories.

Target Audience

Anyone who works for an organization that wants to build a podcast that tells the story of their work.

Additional Speakers

Scott Smallwood, Jennie Daley, Jessie Clark


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