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20NTC Session Proposal

Staying Sharp: How to Create & Implement Great Ideas

Submitted by: Graziella Jackson | Echo&Co


Not all ideas are created equal. In order to break past typical brainstorming and build cultures of rapid ideation and innovation, leaders need to learn to facilitate ideation, qualify and pitch the best ideas, and test proven concepts with prototypes and pilots. Originally developed for Harvard University’s Digital Innovation Academy and presented at 19NTC Portland, we’re back for another new-and-improved session exploring how to create and implement great ideas. We’ve incorporated feedback from the 19NTC community and are excited to return with this uplifting, hands-on learning session.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand how to structure creative ideation within organizations and teams to generate a higher volume of potential innovations.
  • Evaluate and qualify the best ideas and pitch them internally to receive buy-in and support across the organization.
  • Rapidly prototype new potential innovations and learn how to replicate and mature the most promising ones.

Target Audience

Organizational and team leaders who want to strengthen culture, creativity, and collaboration within their workplaces.

Additional Speakers

Marcy Rye, Wire Media; Apollo Gonzales, Paid Leave U.S. (PL+US)