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20NTC Session Proposal

Sprinting Towards the Future – Agile in Digital Fundraising


Are you struggling to cross the finish line on your projects? Pass the baton to Agile, a global movement enabling organizations to master iterative change by focusing on effective outcomes rather than efficient practices. Putting people before process can be elusive, but the Agile mind-set believes that people are not resources (which can be measured, divided, moved, exploited or traded). And while there’s value to processes and tools, we value individuals and interactions more! 

In this session, we’ll discuss how to build people-centered work where everyone feels free to participate and failure is okay. You will learn how to apply the Agile mind-set tenets of creating stable cross-functional collaborative teams, beginning with the end in mind, and using short feedback loops, to your workflow to better meet the needs of your key stakeholders—whether that be managers, in-house teams, agency partners, or third-party vendors—and enable your teams’ success!

Target Audience

fundraisers, project managers, web dev staff, content developers, agency partners


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