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20NTC Session Proposal

Social Security: Combating Fake News, Triaging Twitter Trolls & Dealing With Digital Distractions

Submitted by: Ash Shepherd NTEN Member badge |


With so much digital misinformation online and the increased ability for cyber trolls to both attack an NGO’s work, and mission messengers it’s easier than ever for one bad actor to throw the work of even the largest nonprofit into chaos. As part of this year’s NTC agenda, the NTEN community has organized a special featured session exploring how NGOs can develop strategies and tools that allow them to stand up for their values and protect their messengers without sacrificing their own values.

Cyberbullies might multiply by the hour, but we don’t have to let them win the day. Join us for a discussion and group exercise on how to flip the script, protect your values and effectively engage in an era filled with divisiveness, fake news, and cyberattacks.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop strategies and systems – from HR to PR policies and practices -- to keep your staff, supporters and social ambassadors safe and empowered when speaking out on online
  • Explore in a group exercise how to flip the script (from defense to offense) in dealing with trolls and other bad actors online
  • Discuss ways to maintain your personal and organization values in the face of online adversity


Burt Edwards

Communications Director

Friends of the Columbia Gorge

A native of the Pacific Northwest, Burt brings over 20 years of public affairs experience working on pressing policy issues from climate change to international development. Before joining Friends, Burt worked for over nine years at The Pew Charitable Trusts and National Environmental Trust where he developed and managed opinion media outreach and editing/writing projects on an array of conservation, energy and health campaigns. He most recently served for as communications director for InterAction in Washington, D.C.

Ken Montenegro

Information Technology Director

Advancing Justice Los Angeles

Ken Montenegro is a technologist with twenty years of experience working with nonprofit and social change groups to securely leverage technology for their mission-driven work. Ken also holds a law degree.

He has been employed by Asian Americans Advancing Justice Los Angeles; Homeless Healthcare Los Angeles; Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles; Maternal and Child Health Access; and the Northeast Valley Health Corporation. He has also worked with numerous other groups on a contract basis. Ken is also a board member of the Immigrant Defenders Law Center; the Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN); and is National Vice President of the National Lawyers Guild.

Ken brings a commitment to meaningful social change and insight on areas of compliance and security that are not theoretical but experience based. He also brings a passion for understanding process because people power is the foundation of impactful technology adoption.

Ken was born, raised, and remains rooted in Los Angeles. You can learn more about him at

Idalin Bobé



Idalin is founder of TechActivist.Org, a grassroot organization providing free technical training and political education workshops to working-class youth, activists, and disruptors interested in using technology for social good.

Coming from a poor Afro-Latinx community in North Philadelphia, PA, Idalin witnessed firsthand how the people most impacted by social ills were and still are on the losing side of the digital, educational, and economic divide. That understanding led her to dedicate herself to work directly with organizations that are focused on social change and are part of the communities they serve. Through her tech literacy programs, Idalin provides hands-on workshops introducing communities to digital media tools, digital security, open source, web development, and emerging technology like virtual reality.

Prior to TechActivist.Org, she served as the Global Social Justice Lead and Senior IT Consultant at ThoughtWorks, where she provided tech support to social justice organizations worldwide. Idalin has impacted thousands of men, women and children globally with her work in tech literacy and empowerment. Her work includes spearheading tech initiatives within organizations like Hands Up United, India Rise, Qeyno Labs Hackathons, #YesWeCode and Black Girls CODE.

Idalin received her Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Applied Statistics from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and is a proud alumna of the Lokey Graduate School of Business at Mills College, where she received her Master’s degree in Business Administration with a focus on technology and human-centered design.

She is influenced by the work of the Black Panther Party, specifically the 10th Point of the party’s 10-Point Platform, “Community Control of Modern Technology” and Dr. Martin Luther King’s Poor People’s Campaign. She loves R&B and Reggae, rice & beans, resides in New York City and is currently building out a movement incubator with the People’s Forum.

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March 13, 2019


1:30pm – 2:45pm

CFRE Credits

NFR - 1.25

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