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20NTC Session Proposal

So you use Facebook and Email: That’s not integration

Submitted by: Chris Carter | Candela


Nowadays everybody seems to be an integrated fundraiser or marketer, or talks about how their organization is multi-channel. However, the reality is very different and the actual numbers of organizations following best practice can be counted on one hand. So what is going on in the sector. Direct mail channel experts are still frequently operating in silos and digital marketers are no better often they will launch their new “integrated” marketing campaigns and the only integration is between Facebook and Email. Nowhere to be seen are things such as public relations, communications, major giving, and events activities and none of them align into cogent thought through integrated campaigns. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding what integrated marketing really is
  • Being equipped with the tools to implement true organization wide integration
  • Understanding how to plan, implement and maximize your impact with integrated campaigns

Target Audience

1: Marketing and communications staff 2: Public Relations professionals 3: Fundraisers 4. Digital Staff

Additional Speakers

Farrah Rooney


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