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20NTC Session Proposal

The Keys to a Happy Marriage with your Design Vendor

Submitted by: Josh Riman NTEN Member badge | Great Believer


When it’s time to create a new website, annual report or other marketing piece, you’ll likely find yourself hiring a design vendor. These types of projects bring your communications strategy to life and reach every single supporter, so it’s critical that things go smoothly.

In this collaborative discussion, Josh Riman, Founder and President of Great Believer, will share ways his design agency builds trust through careful planning and refreshingly transparent communication. Nina Rabinovitch-Blecker, Director of Communications at Data2X, will share insights from the nonprofit side, discussing how to navigate the vendor selection process and build a strong relationship.

By hearing both perspectives, you’ll embrace the nuances of a successful collaboration and understand how to make the most of your next partnership with a design vendor.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding whether you need a freelance designer or a design agency
  • Techniques to start vendor relationships strong and stay in the groove
  • The ability to evaluate whether it’s a long-term relationship or a one-project stand

Target Audience

The marketing and communications staff who hire design vendors and want a smooth process with awesome results.

Additional Speakers

Nina Rabinovitch-Blecker, Director of Communications at Data2X


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