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20NTC Session Proposal

So Fresh, So Clean: Remaking a Legacy Website


Nonprofits have a clutter problem. After even a few short years, they accumulate a long list of reports, blog posts, stories, and more—and it all needs to go on the website. The result is a user experience that feels confusing and overwhelming, with buried resources, frustrated users, and missed opportunities.

Join this session to explore how the Union of Concerned Scientists redesigned a large legacy website, with a focus on usability and navigability. We’ll discuss how we arrived at decisions on “uncovering” buried content, streamlining user experience, and creating a site that, despite its age, feels modern, mobile, and ready for change.

(*NOTE: our newly-designed website isn’t public yet! It will be soon…*)

Learning Outcomes

  • Structure a thoughtful, efficient, inclusive redesign process--from concept through design and migration.
  • Know what questions to ask themselves, their organization, vendors, partners, and users.
  • Leave with specific tips on organizing complex & arcane content.

Target Audience

Outreach and communications staff looking to modernize and improve the usability of large legacy websites.

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