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20NTC Session Proposal

Small Stories, Big Impact: The “Power of One” in Campaigns


[Opens book.] Once upon a time, there was a grad school. It was a happy school, with talented professors and successful alumni. It was proud, too; it had done good work for 100+ years!

Then, after thinking it over for a while, the college decided to take one of its signature programs to the national stage.

It knew that in order to find new students—especially those who didn’t already know its talented teachers, or successful alumni—it had to tell its stories. But which stories? And how? There were so many! Their mission was so big, and their offerings so many! What to do?! Then one day… [Closes book.]

Find out the end of the story—and practical strategies for identifying, capturing, and sharing your own strategic stories that drive engagement and build emotional connection with new audiences, going small as you go big—in this session. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the value of telling a smaller story in big campaigns.
  • Identify potential challenges and barriers to capturing and sharing those stories, and learn strategies to overcome them.
  • Translate successes and anticipate missteps that may happen in your campaign through a deep look at one nonprofit’s case study.

Target Audience

Marketing/communications professionals, anyone interested in upping their organization’s storytelling in order to boost awareness, engagement, and impact

Additional Speakers

Jessica Leving, Communications and Community Relations Manager at Spertus Institute



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