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20NTC Session Proposal

Sharing engaging stories through interactive maps and data visualization


The Arundel Rivers Federation had a question: how could they best communicate the health of the South River in Annapolis, MD? The Chesapeake Conservancy’s Conservation Innovation Center had a solution: use a combination of mapping and app-based technology to display in a user-friendly way the scientific data the Federation collects, as well as the projects they install to restore the local waterways. This way, Arundel Rivers could answer the questions they received from community members. Is it safe to swim? Can fish survive? Is the river getting better or worse? By engaging the public about the current state of the South River, the Federation can use science, restoration and community action to make their local waters cleaner and healthier. This partnership demonstrates how small nonprofit organizations can collaborate with technical partners to leverage mapping and data technology to communicate and engage their key audiences.

Learning Outcomes

  • How to tell your organization’s story using data about your projects and initiatives without using a lot of staff time.
  • How to identify the data that will engage your audience and place value judgements on data responsibly to provide context.
  • How to form a successful partnership with a technical provider to achieve your communication needs.

Target Audience

Organizations that want to engage their audiences by organizing and displaying data creatively.

Additional Speakers

Nancy Merrill, Arundel Rivers Federation


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