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20NTC Session Proposal

Finding and Creating Budget-Friendly Images


Imagery is an important part of engaging your constituents through storytelling. But from ensuring appropriate representation, to following the law, there’s much more to finding the right image than many realize. This session will discuss:

  • The Resourceful: How can you create beautiful graphics without a background in graphic design and without special design software? What tools and strategies can help you create or find the perfect photos or graphics for your campaign?
  • The Organizational: Once you have built a comprehensive photo library, how on earth can you keep track of it and find the image you want quickly?
  • The Fun: How do you choose the right image? How can organizations with small photo libraries find affordable (free!) stock photos? How can your organization build up a library of original imagery?
  • The Legal: What kind of release form do you need from people you take photos of at your organization’s events? What is a royalty-free photo versus a rights-managed photo? If you use a free photo or purchase a stock photo, are you allowed to change it? Can you use it without attribution? We’ll discuss what these terms mean and how you can make sure you and your organization are free of liability.

You’ll leave this session with ideas for your website, print publications, social media, and much more—and what’s better, you can put these ideas into action right when you’re back in the office!




Delaware B


March 24, 2017


10:30am – 12:00pm

CFRE Credits


Collaborative Notes

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