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20NTC Session Proposal

Revealing Your Reporting’s Juicy Secrets

Submitted by: Blake Goldstein NTEN Member badge | Funraise


When it comes to capital-R Reporting, we often feel like it’s a murky world of numbers and timelines and graphs. Let us show you how to pull back the curtain on analytics so you can actually put that lower-case-D data to use.

Learning outcomes:

  • Data is a reflection of your donors. It tells your story, just in a different language than you’re used to reading.
  • Using the right Analytics and Reporting setup, you can write and share your story to compel supporters, team members, and your board to get on board.
  • Predict the future and lay out your yellow brick road with your data. Make great decisions for your organization based on the story your data is telling.

Target Audience

Senior staff, IT, Marketing, and Development professionals

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