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20NTC Session Proposal

Reducing Donor Abandonment: What to Copy from E-retailers

Submitted by: Molly Trerotola | Give Lively


Studies put the average donor “drop-off” or “abandonment” rate for online donations at somewhere between 50% and 70%. More than half of the donors who start the donation process won’t finish it—so where is it going wrong? We studied the best strategies implemented by top e-commerce retailers to improve the donation checkout flow to reduce donor abandonment. We will present common challenges that lead to donor drop off and strategies to reduce it.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the impact of donor abandonment/drop-off; including the latest top causes.
  • Explore proven strategies in e-commerce that dramatically increase checkout completion; how to translate those into the donation checkout flow.
  • Get a look into examples of these strategies in practice that can be easily replicated.




David DeParolesa


Give Lively

David DeParolesa is CEO of Give Lively, a philanthropist-funded tech company that builds digital fundraising products for nonprofits and gives it away for free (seriously). David spends most of his day working directly with nonprofits, understanding their fundraising pain points and imagining creative ways to solve them. Prior to Give Lively, David founded Web Philosophic, where he created a way to help bring attention to Democrats running for Congress. He previously worked at Discovery Communications and American Express, where he led product development for Discovery’s TV-Everywhere product and helped reshape Food & Wine Magazine’s digital experience. When he isn’t developing products, coding, or designing, David can be found bopping around Hell’s Kitchen, making improvements to his rental, or traveling back to Boston to play with his baby niece, Olivia.

Matt Scott



Matt Scott is an industry-leading nonprofit fundraiser. He helped Team Rubicon scale from $250K in annual revenue in 2011 to $30M in 2017. He has led the CauseMic Crew to help a diverse range of nonprofits raise millions of dollars online. World-renowned nonprofits such as Movember, Volunteers of America and the Humane Society, have sought Matt’s expertise in online fundraising to help optimize their digital strategies and drive greater social impact. On the speaking circuit, Matt’s energy and passion for helping nonprofits amplify their cause shines through.

Erin Dunne

Co-founder & Chief Creative Officer

Humanity Lab

Erin is the Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Humanity Lab and the Global People’s Summit – the first ever 100% online summit during the UN General Assembly. With over ten years of experience developing winning strategies and campaigns, Erin is passionate about the intersection of technology, design thinking and storytelling. She helps brands and nonprofits come to life through creative design, storytelling and building impactful partnerships.

Erin was the founding member of the Hive, an innovation lab within the UN Refugee Agency and one of Fast Company’s 2017 most innovative brands for its work adapting technology and data in support of refugees to support long-term fundraising goals. Erin developed and led award-winning digital and advocacy campaigns while at the UN Foundation, including the brand launch of Giving Tuesday, Rio+Social, and the Social Good Summit.

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March 15, 2019


10:30am – 11:45am



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