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20NTC Session Proposal

Putting It All Together: Using existing resources for digital training


We have worked with Public Library Association build our own website which includes digital literacy curriculum and allows patrons to log in using their library cards. We are the seventh library nationally.

What sets us apart is we have enhanced our resource in the following ways.

  1. KCPL’s Tech Access team has carefully studied the 2 resources to align each Northstar Digital Literacy Assessment standard with the appropriate corresponding modules in Northstar is the pre- and post-test patrons take to demonstrate their skills. is the curriculum used to help patrons master the skills.
  2. We cultivated community partnerships to raise awareness about so we can provide a consistent vocabulary, learning objectives and content is delivered to our mutual clients.
  3. We’ve worked to make deliverable in three ways—self-paced online video tutorials, experiential learning guides to practice activities with a coach, 1-on-1, and instructor-led classes.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify existing training and assessment resources
  • Strategically plan implementation of a digital literacy training program based on community needs and interests
  • Measure success and impact of digital literacy training

Target Audience

Digital literacy training providers

Additional Speakers

Alexis Burns, KCPL Tech Access Awareness and Support Coordinator


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