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20NTC Session Proposal

Project Management for Nonprofit Content Marketing Simplified

Submitted by: Taylor Waldon |


The key to producing regular quality content is strategizing with your team or finding creative resources to produce what you need. Using a solid strategy helps make sure what you produce supports your nonprofit’s marketing and fundraising goals. 

To create valuable content, you need to establish a process working with those who know the subject best, whether you work alone or with a team. By following the process you establish for your content creation, you will provide value to both your site visitors and your SEO strategy. Ultimately, you’ll build a stronger and bigger community around your nonprofit’s mission. 

In this talk, we will cover the following topics: 

  1. The Importance of Regular New Content
  2. Establishing Goals and Strategy 
  3. How to Work With Your Team and Find Other Resources
  4. Defining a Process 
  5. Connecting and Automating Your Workflow
  6. Measuring and Monitoring Your Success

Target Audience

Nonprofit marketers who have limited resources, budget, and might even work alone.


Content MarketingContent StrategyProject ManagementStorytelling

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