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20NTC Session Proposal

Preventing Financial Fraud: The Story of a Carding Attack


Once upon a time, my small nonprofit’s payment processor went down…the day before a fundraising event. It turns out that the slew of $1 donations we’d been receiving all weekend weren’t from new, small-dollar donors inspired by recent news; they were from criminals who were using our donation page to test their new list of stolen credit card numbers. 

When we think about potential cyber attacks against our nonprofits, we tend to focus on politically-motivated, targeted attacks. While those are devastating, they are rare. The most likely threats, however, are run of the mill financial fraud. In this sprint talk, we will focus on one type of financial fraud: carding.

Learn how to prevent these attacks using anti-spam techniques, how to preserve the accessibility of your donation form while stopping spambots, and how to recover quickly if you do get hit.

Target Audience

Whoever manages your organization’s websites and/or donation platform; those interested in learning more about threat modeling and fraud prevention


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