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20NTC Session Proposal

Ostracizers are evil: volunteer management meets the geek social fallacies

Submitted by: Andrea Middleton | WordPress


Technology- and geek-centered communities offer some unusual challenges to volunteer and/or community managers, which can be easier to address once you’re aware of some common geek social fallacies. Based on 8 years of working in the WordPress open source community, Andrea Middleton will describe ways that her volunteer-based international events program works with, around, and through these particular sociological influences to foster the creation of welcoming and inclusive community in tech.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify some common geek social fallacies and whether they are at play in their communities
  • Understand the unique challenges that geek social fallacies can present to community leaders
  • Learn ways to work productively with volunteers who labor under some common geek social fallacies

Target Audience

Volunteer or community managers working with tech-centered or open source communities



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