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20NTC Session Proposal

Not Your Momma’s Welcome Series: Using Email Automation Tools for the 21st Century


Email automation can be a scary thing. And while most nonprofits understand the value and have implemented a basic welcome series, those same automation tools can be used for so much more. Are you identifying how your constituents are joining your list and targeting your message to those users? Have you created different message flows based on the initial action they take? What other steps can you take to customize the messages so they move from email subscriber to donor or from donor to monthly supporter?

Other examples of automation series that will be shared include the following:

  • Re-engaging lapsed constituents: Has someone not responded to a message in 12 months? Re-engage them to be an active constituent.
  • Lapsed sustainers: Don’t lose monthly donors due to a bad credit card. Remind them of why they are important to your cause. How do the different CRMs (Luminate Online, Engaging Networks. etc) help or hinder this process? What are the steps needed to set up these types of drip campaigns today?

Learning Outcomes

  • Discover new ways to use an automation or drip campaign—new members, sustainers, inactive addresses
  • Explore the differences between the different tools: Luminate Online, Engaging Networks, MailChimp, and others
  • Learn how to set up a campaign that identifies unique characteristics of the constituent and targets a specific message flow


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April 12, 2018


1:30pm – 3:00pm

CFRE Credits

NFR - 1.5

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