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20NTC Session Proposal

Not Fake News! Using editorial content to tell your story.

Submitted by: Bill Swersey | HIAS


In this era of accusations of “fake news” and partisan media, the ability to produce credible, high-quality storytelling is more important than ever. Learn how your organization can develop (and sustain!) an editorially-driven communications strategy to raise engagement and help current supporters, prospects and the public better understand why you do what you do. 

We’ll discuss the role of blogging, op-eds, video, photography, podcasting and how you can use them in a multi-channel content stream to reach more people. We’ll also cover the skill-sets needed to be successful, how to mentor and cultivate inexperienced staff, and why ethics and high standards are so important.

Led by experienced non-profit communications leaders (with journalism background), this session will share best practices and include many specific examples.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the value proposition of an editorially-driven journalistic approach to organizational communications
  • Learn how to produce high quality blogs, video, podcasts and how to utilize effectively on website, social media, fundraising, email.
  • Awareness of skills sets and roles required and how to cultivate them at your organization.

Target Audience

Marketing & Comms, Sr. Management, Fundraisers, others interested in improving quality & effectiveness of their org's storytelling and content.

Additional Speakers

not yet confirmed, but several very interested


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