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20NTC Session Proposal

Nonprofit Incident Report – 2019


We’ll share the results of our 2nd annual Nonprofit cybersecurity incident report. This report highlights the specific and unique threats that nonprofits organizations face with regards to the security of their IT systems. As ever the pragmatist, my goal is to help nonprofits establish a credible business case for taking cybersecurity seriously, and to provide specific and meaningful recommendations for threat mitigation and incident response. The threat landscape and cybersecurity best practices are in a state of constant evolution and keeping up requires constant vigilance

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the cybersecurity threats that are impacting other nonprofit organizations
  • People, process and technology solutions to help prevent these incidents
  • Incident response workflow for how to respond when your organization is impacted

Target Audience

IT decision makers and those responsible for the security and operations of a nonprofit organization

Additional Speakers

Johanny Torrico



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