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20NTC Session Proposal

Mission Control: How to Effectively Manage Collaborative, Multi-Stakeholder Digital Projects


What do you do when two or more entities have shared ownership of your project, but distinct goals and governance structures? How do you negotiate between the competing needs of your communities and make decisions that move your work forward? 

Trust, communication, leadership, and shared expectations are crucial for any project. All the more so when collaborating across major gaps of organizational cultures, missions, and methodologies! Leaders, project managers, and staff on project teams all have roles to play and benefits to gain from successful collaboration. The panel will present examples of projects representing deep collaboration between siloed program areas and fully distinct orgs in nonprofits and higher ed, highlighting risks and opportunities for success in your own collaborations. 

Our aim in this panel is not to present “one-size-fits-all” solutions but to reflect the range of communities, decision-making processes, institutions, and choices available to organizations embarking on collaborative projects.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn what to expect when initiating a collaborative project
  • Consider strategies to mitigate the challenges of collaboration
  • Gather methods for building trust and communication across multiple silos or distinct organizations for project success

Target Audience

Leaders, project managers, staff who want to improve outcomes and relationships in complex, collaborative projects across multiple departments and teams

Additional Speakers

Monica S. Flores, Lullabot; Dalia Katan, Deloitte


Change ManagementOrg CultureProject ManagementTeam-Building

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