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20NTC Session Proposal

Maximizing and Translating Your Data Into Powerful Stories for Action


Got the data but not sure what’s most critical — nor how to translate it all into a powerful story, persuasive pitch or highly effective call to action? In this 75-minute workshop, two leading nonprofit management experts in data and communications team up to walk you through how to bridge the data-story gap for maximum gain – whether you’re looking to improve internal alignment or give donors, supporters and cause activists new ways to engage and boost awareness of your social impact.

Nonprofit consultants and Columbia University lecturers Annie Rhodes (Data and Technology) and Marcia Stepanek (Marketing and Strategic Communications) combine their extensive sector experience inside and outside the classroom to share high-impact case studies and convene participants into data/story teams to learn how to extract the most influential data, discover new pathways to social problem-solving—and present key insights as memorable narratives that can increase engagement and fundraising support.



Learning Outcomes

  • Evaluate and understand how to mine the best insights derived from data
  • Gain the tools needed to craft or update your organization's core messages, all supported and driven by data
  • Discover the value of translating data into memorable stories that can persuade a key audience to act

Target Audience

Data, program and communications managers, marketing and fundraising staff and CEOs/Board Members often involved in gathering data for strategic advantage

Additional Speakers

Annie Rhodes, Marcia Stepanek


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