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20NTC Session Proposal

Mass Customization: Scaling your digital marketing in a customized manner


Learn how we have used tools/technology to scale reach and provide unique value to our audience in an efficient manner. We will cover which technology and flexible work processes we have used to create a customized service for individuals in high volumes and at a relatively low cost. Using the FOUR FACES of mass customization, we have been able to focus on the Adaptive strategy, allowing our audience to select their own values, and determine their own customized results. We will cover our tool, woodscamp, and how it filters our audience based on their location, their goals that they want to achieve, and how we collect customer information to ensure we can convert to action. We will also briefly cover our favourite systems that we have found to automate customized marketing strategies, such as hubspot workflows including emails and call agents, pushcrew, facebook business manager.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn the potential of tools that can customize your audience's experience
  • Supporting tools that allow customized remarketing
  • Successful approaches to get your audience to take action

Target Audience

Marketing and Communications staff who are familiar with crm systems

Additional Speakers

Will Martin

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