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20NTC Session Proposal

Marketing and Fundraising Teams – Build Collaborative Campaigns Together

Submitted by: Camron Assadi NTEN Member badge | ABD Direct


Many organizations have different teams for fundraising and for marketing. While that can sometimes seem like an obstacle, it’s important to step back and organize collaborative teams that work together to deliver successful campaigns. This session will start with that as the foundation, from which we will show how these teams can operationalize their roles to be set up to reach both marketing and fundraising goals. 

Getting agreement on these goals is the next step, and we’ll talk through how to do this that achieves organizational alignment. From there, we’ll bring it all together with a campaign calendar that shows deadlines for content, production, delivery, and measurement towards the goals. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Build a collaborative approach to fundraising, marketing, and communications
  • Use cross-functional teams to develop and deliver omnichannel campaigns
  • Work with a campaign calendar with a clear view of what's happening when

Target Audience

Fundraising and marketing team members who want to collaborate to build effective campaigns that achieve multiple goals.


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