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20NTC Session Proposal

Making cybersecurity a priority, how to get leadership engaged


Most small-to-medium sized nonprofit organizations do not prioritize cybersecurity, despite the risks faced by many of these organizations. The threat landscape continues to evolve and grow and most organizations are at greater risk than they realize. In the absence of an external compliance requirement or board mandate, improving IT security has trouble competing for valuable (and at times scarce!) nonprofit resources. 

There’s no one right way of implementing an effective set of cybersecurity controls. We’ve seen success when initiated by the IT department, and also when initiated by organizational leadership or the board.

We’ll talk about some of the roadmap steps in each case so that you’ll have some next steps to follow regardless of your position in the organization.


Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the cybersecurity risks facing organizations today
  • How to initiate bottom up engagement around improving cybersecurity
  • For Leadership, how to talk with IT operations staff about cybersecurity

Target Audience

IT decision makers, IT operations folks, Leadership



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