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20NTC Session Proposal

Make ’Em Laugh. Make ’Em Cry. Make It Rain.


Prompt donors to save their payment information. Ask for a specific, personalized dollar amount, tied to that donor’s giving history. Remind people of how long it’s been since the last time they gave. Optimize for mobile. Make big, eye-catching graphics.

These tried-and-true tactics can spur incremental improvements at the margins, but they’re not enough to inspire a long-term commitment from your supporters—let alone spark a movement. Keeping a close eye on your data is important, but there are pitfalls. It’s possible to “over-optimize” your fundraising program; the most urgent, screamy message will always win in a head-to-head A/B test, but a calendar full of those messages is like a TV channel that only shows infomercials. Who wants to watch that?

In this session, led by a panel of nonprofit fundraising professionals and consultants, we’ll pivot away from video and explore the lost art of written storytelling. We’ll highlight the difference between good and bad digital fundraising content, discuss how to cultivate long-term donor engagement, help brave volunteers find the hidden stories in their own organizations, and demonstrate how you can invest resources in storytelling with a nonprofit budget.

Learning Outcomes

  • The surest path to donors’ wallets is through their hearts—raise money by hitting your donors right in the feels
  • Learn from expert digital fundraisers and storytellers
  • Workshop your digital fundraising appeals—primarily email, but also social posts and videos


EmailSocial MediaWorkshop


267 - 268


April 13, 2018


1:30pm – 3:00pm



CFRE Credits

Approved - 1.5

Collaborative Notes

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Session Evaluation

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