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20NTC Session Proposal

Logging In (from anywhere on anything)


Logging in used to be simple. You came to the office, turned on your computer, logged in and got to work. There was only one way to do it and one place to do it from. But today, most of the services you use are in the cloud. You log in to your computer, but then you have to log in to three or four or ten more things just to do your work. And somehow, you’re supposed to keep track of all these different passwords and systems. Not only that, but you might log in on your work computer at your office one day and from your personal laptop at a cafe in Montreal tomorrow. How in the world are you and your organization supposed to keep track of all this logging in and make it simple and secure?


Learning Outcomes

  • Learn about “Zero Trust” and how this concept can help your organization simplify and secure technology
  • Learn about Single-Sign-On (SSO), Password Managers, oAuth and the differences between them
  • Understand the principles behind Identity & Access Management (IAM)

Target Audience

Technology-minded folks who want to learn more about how the way we login to systems has changed.

Additional Speakers

Adam Rosenzweig



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