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20NTC Session Proposal

Listening to and retaining your online donors


Acquiring donors is the easy part; retention is where the value of online donors – especially sustaining donors – is made or lost.  Traditional variables like age of donor, type of acquisition, or your campaign copy won’t fix retention.  The most important variables about quality: quality of the donor experience and quality of the donor herself.  Organizations will show you how they are collecting this data and using it to automate donor interactions, manage their acquisition channels, change the digital donor experience, and get massive improvements in retention.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how to reliably determine donor needs and preferences that differ by donor motivation/identity
  • See the positive impact of an active listening program
  • Model their donors to determine who will go and stay (and influence the decision)

Target Audience

Fundraisers and marketers who want to make sure their online donors stay with them for the long-term

Additional Speakers

Laura Durington, CRS, & Erica Best, No Kid Hungry