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20NTC Session Proposal

Lessons From an Effective Dashboard Data Analytics Implementation


This session examines the key benefits and core concepts of a turnkey Dashboard – how to implement them and what drives their successful adoption.  We will discuss the key stages of dashboard implementation and the relationships to key parts of the typical NfP organization.

Presentation Outline:

  1. The good, bad and ugly of Business Intelligence/Dashboard tools and projects
  2. Defining KPIs/metrics for your organization and audience – ensuring adoption and utilization – Looking back analytics and looking forward (predictive) analytics
  3. Where and how do we get data to measure – Measuring and metrics – beyond CRM reports –   geo-spatial, mission metrics, outcomes, voices, sensors, scientific / publications, google analytics, etc.
  4. Challenges in measuring performance – definitions, data quality, data transformations.
  5. Conclusion: Key steps/lessons learned embarking on your performance measurement program

Target Audience

Senior Leadership in IT, Operations, Program Delivery and Development/Fundraising who need to measure and ensure effective operations/delivery of services


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