21NTC Session Proposal

Leading in Uncertain Times

Submitted by: Ash Shepherd | NTEN Member badge


“May you live in interesting times.”
– Apocryphal Ancient Chinese Curse

We are certainly living in interesting times, and interesting times create challenges. Your usual approaches to leadership may not apply in the face of uncertainty and new demands. Uncertainty makes planning challenging, and successful tech initiatives in nonprofits require planning.

Everything from internal processes and decision making to relationships with key stakeholders to planning and budgeting for specific projects can be impacted by uncertainty, whether that uncertainty is caused by internal or external factors.

The economy can take a sudden, downward turn. A key funder can change their priorities. A change in the political or economic environment can dramatically change the circumstances that your current plan is trying to address. In many cases, these are threats that we have to take serious steps to respond to. In some, there are new opportunities. And there are some potential pitfalls that we can all acknowledge as well.

This interactive session will discuss approaches to leading in times of uncertainty to help organizations respond strategically to unexpected environmental changes and maintain successful tech initiatives. How well can your organization respond when external events significantly shift the ground you’re standing on? It’s a key test of your nonprofit’s agility and relevance.

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