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20NTC Session Proposal

Kindness: The Ultimate Productivity Hack

Submitted by: Chantal Sheehan NTEN Member badge | Blue Fox


Kindness gets a bad rap.

Sure, when you’re a kid, everyone tells you be kind. But when you start adulting in the workforce, kindness is often equated with weakness. If you doubt that, consider: have you ever seen kindness listed as a required skill on a job posting?

In the nonprofit sector we spend a lot of time and energy being kind to our stakeholders and clients. But do we spend an equal amount of effort fostering kindness in our own teams and organizations? Should we? Is it worth it?

Together we’ll learn about the upside of leading a kindness revolution. (Spoiler alert: the ROI is quantifiable.) A growing body of research indicates that organizations with kindness baked into their culture are more productive and more profitable. We’ll talk through the strategic benefits of creating a culture of kindness, and how it changes everything from productivity to profits.

Target Audience

CEOs, COOs, and HR decision-makers; staff who want to make a case for culture change


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