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20NTC Session Proposal

Is your podcast reaching all audiences? Accessibility For The Win!


Podcasts are used more and more for outreach and story telling. They are an important tool in your communication toolbox. But there is a large segment of your audience that could be left behind if your podcast is not accessible. Obviously, the nature of audio podcasts doesn’t lend itself to be easy to understand if you have hearing loss. There are many actions you, as a podcaster, could take to make life easier for your audience with hearing loss. But podcast accessibility doesn’t benefit only folks with hearing loss – it benefits everyone, including yourself!

Beyond providing transcripts, there are several actions you can take to improve podcast accessibility for everyone. We’ll talk about these actions, the costs involved, and how you can leverage accessibility to expand your podcast’s reach.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand why podcast accessibility is important
  • Understand what podcast accessibility is
  • Know how to implement different aspects of podcast accessibility

Target Audience

Anyone involved with an organization's podcast, or potential podcasters


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