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20NTC Session Proposal

How to Use Digital Tools to Make Your Nonprofit’s Research Go the Distance

Submitted by: Jenna Cerruti |


“Innovative knowledge sharing” through research is central to the mission of the World Bank, the global financial institution. But in 2014, the World Bank discovered that one-third of the published reports on its website have never been downloaded. By anyone. Not even once.

Too many nonprofits have the same problem as the World Bank: most of the people you want to see and act on your organization’s research don’t know it exists. Oftentimes, reports are just published on a website and not seen by anyone, no matter how compelling the findings.

In this presentation, we will share online tips and tools for promoting your research, evaluation reports, and other content. We’ll show you how to turn complex, dense research into compelling stories for online platforms and share strategies for leveraging digital publishing tools to reach audiences.

Beyond reliable standbys for getting your news out, like e-newsletter and blog promotion, we’ll also share tips for making the most of emerging digital trends, like Facebook video and LinkedIn Pulse. Most research remains useful for years to come, so we’ll share ideas on how you can repurpose information in different formats (like infographics or social media visuals) to continue promoting research.

As a communications firm that makes working with nonprofits and philanthropies our focus, we’ve seen it all—20-year studies, national evaluations, and policy briefs. We’ll provide case studies of how organizations large and small have successfully promoted their work, sharing lessons that you can put to use when you return to your office.

From this presentation, you’ll take away four things:

  • Best practices for getting your research in front of your audience
  • Practical tips for promoting your research using new digital tools
  • Evergreen content marketing strategies for promoting research over time
  • Tips for reaching new and unlikely audiences


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March 24, 2017


10:30am – 12:00pm

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