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20NTC Session Proposal

Improv Saves the Nonprofit: Boosting Culture & Team Creativity

Submitted by: Graziella Jackson | Echo&Co


Fear. Anxiety. Insecurity. These are common barriers leaders face when trying to inspire teams to great creativity. If you’ve ever seen a great an improv ensemble work and wonder whether their creative “flow” is learnable — the answer is yes! Confidence, creativity, and supportive collaboration are what make improv succeed on stage. They’re also what make teams succeed within the workplace. Join three Washington Improv Theater ( community members for an exciting, hands-on session to teach the ideas and techniques that fuel successful improv. You’ll be able to return to work and lead your teams to work together in exciting and productive ways. Plus, you’ll get to play and laugh with your NTC20 colleagues — what could be better than that!?

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn common challenges within organizations that stand in the way of great creative collaboration.
  • Learn techniques for better listening and empathy, awareness of nonverbal dynamics, and confidence among your team.
  • Learn improv activities that you can use as ice breakers, creative warm-ups, and spark sessions with your team.

Target Audience

Organizational and team leaders who want to improve confidence, creativity, and supportive collaboration within their workplace.

Additional Speakers

Ehmonie Hainey, Echo&Co; Krystal Ramseur, Academy of Hope Adult PCS