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20NTC Session Proposal

How to win Supporters for life with Conversational-AI SMS

Submitted by: Luke Bridges | Conversr


I hate SMS marketing.

One thing that cannot be denied however, is that SMS is an unparalleled channel for attention.

If you want to heard, then SMS is best.

A couple of years ago, we started re-writing the SMS play-book.

Instead of using SMS to spam, we used the channel to deliver customer service.

Instead of shouting, we use SMS for dialogue, and developing 1:1 relationships.

And through these relationships, we can influence behaviours and drive desired outcomes. And the results have been unheralded.

In this session, we will transform the way you think about the SMS channel, and why it’s now more relevant than ever-before.

You will learn about how Conversational-AI is changing the SMS game.

And you’ll learn strategies on how to unlock the power in the channel by implementing frictionless customer service for your supporters, and how to develop 1:1 relationships on scale that fuel your fundraising.

Learning Outcomes

  • Why SMS is more relevant than ever in 2020 and how to leverage the channel to fuel your bottom line
  • Learn the benefits of playing the long term game by leveraging SMS for Supporter Service
  • Learn the benefits of delivering a frictionless supporter experience and how to do so with the SMS channel

Target Audience

Heads of Fundraising / Marketing / Communications / Supporter Services

Additional Speakers

None yet - TBC


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