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20NTC Session Proposal

How to Take Your Legacy Marketing Online

Submitted by: Charlotte Field NTEN Member badge | Good Works


When you think online fundraising, you probably think of Facebook fundraisers, donation pages, and a December deluge of email.

How about gifts in wills?

If that wasn’t on your list, it should be. Donors have already left billions of dollars in their wills to the causes they love most. There are billions more on the table. And in this session, you’ll learn how to get your share.

This is your 30-minute crash course in legacy fundraising: the art and science of marketing gifts in wills. You’ll learn the science behind these gifts, who’s likeliest to make them, what makes them completely different from any other type of giving, and how to leverage online tools you’re probably already using to plant legacy seeds.

You’ll walk away with a solid, practical understanding of exactly how to execute an integrated digital legacy strategy.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the neuroscience of legacy giving, including how to activate the autobiographical brain with digital tools
  • Implement tried-and-true legacy marketing strategy, including the right online tools for generating legacy leads
  • Integrate those tools together to create a seamless donor experience

Target Audience

Fundraisers with basic to moderate digital knowledge who are running a legacy program, or trying to!


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