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20NTC Session Proposal

How to MacGyver Your Way to Digital Success as a Small/Mid-Sized Nonprofit


Everyone wants to invest in technology, and it has never been more important to do so than right now. In a perfect world, we would all instantly persuade our leadership to invest significantly in technology right away. But we work at nonprofits, where sometimes funding is tight, grants are restricted, and it’s hard to hire top talent for big bucks, even if leadership sees the value in digital.

So how do we make smart tech decisions and manage change when we’re limited by a lack of resources? In our session, we will discuss how we used duct tape and paperclips to get an organization to digitally evolve and set off a cultural shift that still drives us today. Topics will include identifying solutions that are “good enough” to get the job done, letting pretty much anyone edit the website or make graphics, finding inner peace when amateurs do the jobs of experts, choosing your battles, encouraging growth and exploration, making decisions quickly, managing expectations and being okay with settling, and leveraging small successes into culture change and organizational growth.

We will share experiences from our own organizations, share methods to find efficient ways to achieve outcomes, engage attendees about their pain points, and brainstorm solutions.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn to work within budget and resource constraints while improving technology and adopting digital culture
  • Identify homegrown solutions that accomplish 95% of an objective and make smart tech decisions
  • Use small successes in technology to advocate for larger organizational change


BrandingCase Study




April 11, 2018


1:30pm – 3:00pm



CFRE Credits

NFR - 1.5

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