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20NTC Session Proposal

How to help your Non-Profit connect better with donors

Submitted by: Michelle Ames |


There are hundreds of thousands of non-profits in the world. There are billions of dollars donated each year to them. How do you make YOUR nonprofit stand out and attract attention when you all compete for donor dollars?

This talk will present several ideas that have proven successful in helping nonprofit organizations reach donors and better achieve their fundraising goals, including:

  • The importance of (and how to create) good storytelling
  • Online (and outside-the-box) fundraiser ideas
  • Using online reviews as social proof and to drive SEO
  • Building events that the media will want to see
  • Building a fan base
  • Leveraging Giving Tuesday

Attendees will leave feeling better prepared to help their organization be successful.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the need for storytelling
  • Understand the components of a good donation form that inspires giving
  • Leverage media to reach a wider audience

Target Audience

Marketing and communications/content creators/fundraisers


CampaignsContent MarketingSocial MediaStorytelling

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