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20NTC Session Proposal

How to Build a Magnetic Brand Personality

Submitted by: Samantha Langdorf NTEN Member badge | Briteweb


In the world of branding, there is an undeniable rule that consistency breeds familiarity, and familiarity breeds trust. Inconsistent brands work the same way as inconsistent people. Best case scenario, you question their authenticity. Worst case, you avoid them entirely. 
On the other hand, consistent brands are magnetic. They draw you in, win you over, and ultimately inspire trust and loyalty. But how do you ensure that your brand is correctly and consistently brought to life in every video, newsletter, Instagram post, and presentation deck? And how do you ensure the way your brand shows up in the world is not only consistent, but unique to your organizational values and purpose?
In this highly interactive workshop, Briteweb’s Director of Creative Strategy, Samantha Langdorf, will introduce you to Brand Personality and the role it can play in ensuring everyone at your organization is singing from the same songbook.

Learning Outcomes

  • Through a series of guided activities, you will start articulating your Brand Personality and a unique archetype for your organization.
  • You will learn how to bring this personality to life through your internal and external communications.
  • You will walk away with actionable tools that will help build brand champions within your team and community.

Target Audience

Decision Makers, Marketing & Comms Directors, Org Reps Who Are Interested in Rebranding

Additional Speakers

Laura Schwecherl (Org:


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