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20NTC Session Proposal

How to Automate Your Way to Back Office Efficiency

Submitted by: Chantal Sheehan NTEN Member badge | Blue Fox


Ready to have your mind blown? Go ahead and Google “The Future of FinTech.” Half of the results sound made up, or at least like Dothraki.

The last decade has seen remarkable improvements in financial and HR technology. Nonprofits can take advantage of these developments to streamline and automate much of the back office workflow. From fundraising to donor management, to accounting and bookkeeping, to human resources support, the automation opportunities are practically endless.

In this session, we’ll explore several common pain points (if not outright time-wasters) in the nonprofit back office, give an overview of the trends in technology built to address them, and share tips to help you find the right tools and applications to fit your needs.

Target Audience

Admin staff at small to mid-size organizations interested in learning the basics


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