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20NTC Session Proposal

How Nonprofits Can Be Part of the Podcasting Renaissance

Submitted by: Will Coley NTEN Member badge |


If nonprofits want to learn how to create content that both engages audiences and creates devoted supporters, we need look no further than the gold standard offered each day by public radio and cutting edge podcasts. Think about it: Radio producers can create stories that keep us in the car for “driveway moments” even when we’ve reached home, just so we can hear the ending. Public radio and podcast shows inspire legions of devotees to give money for something they can already get for free. At the same time, we’re in the middle of a renaissance of digital audio online and via mobile technology.

To take advantage of this exciting and pivotal moment, nonprofits should consider adding audio storytelling to their digital communications toolkit. Special guests from productions based in Washington, DC, will discuss how your organization can get started and connect with a passionate audience.


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Maryland A


March 23, 2017


1:30pm – 3:00pm

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