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How to Automate Workflows to Become a Truly Data-Driven Organization

Submitted by: Ashley Lagaron


Over the past year, the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) has worked to simplify and automate their data workflows. In this talk, LCV will discuss lessons learned from their automation process, how they resolved challenges along the way, and how automation helps their team work more efficiently. Providing a technical perspective, Civis Analytics will speak to the infrastructure of automation. Key insights from this presentation will be tool-agnostic and focus on overcoming technical and institutional barriers. We will speak to the incredible value of automation for nonprofits of any size.

With automated workflows, LCV:

  • Creates dynamic, real-time reports on fundraising, action-taking, and online sign-ups using supporter data
  • Links records between different CRMs and other data sources to create a 360 view of each individual they interact with
  • Automatically generates reports that measure the progress of campaigns in the field and fundraising, using visualization and other tools
  • Creates templates for entry level analysts to carry out tasks—such as pulling lists of supporters to contact based on specific criteria—which would otherwise require coding and knowledge of the database.

While previously each of these steps would have required significantly more expense and staff time, they now happen entirely automatically, giving LCV staff a chance to focus on other tasks—and get some sleep!

In this talk, Civis and LCV will discuss:

  • The steps involved in moving an organization to full workflow automation
  • Challenges that LCV faced throughout this process, and how they overcame them
  • Strategies to get stakeholders on board with data automation
  • Ways to ensure that automated workflows are accessible to individuals with different technical skill sets

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Maryland B


March 25, 2017


1:30pm – 3:00pm

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