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20NTC Session Proposal

Uneasy lies the head: Leadership in tough situations


There are a lot of great leadership tips and tricks out there to motivate your team and to be an effective leader. What you are not always prepared for are when the tough conversations or even tougher decisions need to be made.

What decisions will you be faced with as a leader that you never thought you would deal with? Is the future of of your organization at stake and you need to make tough calls? Is it time to let go of someone? Has someone on your team experienced some sort of trauma? 

We are going to talk about experiences and lessons learned from a number of tough decisions made as leaders, with some tips and tricks that might help you when you face similar situatons.

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply tips and tricks when facing tough decisions as a leader
  • Better deal with decisions that affect the people that they lead
  • See that they are not alone in this leadership journey

Target Audience

People Leaders

Additional Speakers

Jessica Markowitz


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