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20NTC Session Proposal

Google Optimize 101


As nonprofit fundraisers, marketers, and digital organizers, you strive to find ways to improve your organization’s website to increase conversions. This might mean redesigning an online donation form to streamline the process for donors, making it easier for constituents to send a message to elected officials, or measuring what content inspires an audience to share your mission. Finding your “special sauce” requires experimentation and careful measurement to track what works and what doesn’t. The good news is, Google Optimize makes running experiments on your website and measuring the results easier than ever, and it’s a totally FREE tool. Here is a quick rundown of Google Optimize basics and the features that make it an essential tool for improving your nonprofit’s website.

Target Audience

Marketing and communications staff who want to learn more than the basics of Google Analytic

Additional Speakers

Colleen Campbell



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