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20NTC Session Proposal

Get Your Secrets Together: Securely sharing resources through password management


Passwords, recovery codes, two-factor tokens, and more are the keys to your organization. They protect all of your organization’s business information and data. Your staff, consultants, and even volunteers need to access and share secrets quickly and securely to keep the operation running. But how do you do that when secrets are supposed to be, well, secret?

In this session, we’ll talk about how to manage your non-profit’s secrets securely and with as little anxiety as possible. Like most things, the secret to managing this resource is getting organized. We’ll discuss what about your secrets you need to organize. Then we’ll cover some tools and processes that will help you get there.

What, besides passwords, are secrets? Where do you store them? Who has access them? When were they last updated? We’ll learn how to get your secrets under control so you can focus on your organization’s mission.

Learning Outcomes

  • Consolidate, organize, and protect passwords and other secrets
  • Differentiate between different types of secrets, who needs access to them, and for how long
  • Quickly and securely share passwords and other secrets with employees, partners, consultants, and volunteers.

Target Audience

All decision makers, managers, admin staff, and program staff


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