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20NTC Session Proposal

Gaming Communications Planning and Collaboration


For most nonprofits, communications planning and prioritizing is a chaotic mess of never-ending wish lists and fantasies that merge into a nightmarish to-do list for the communications staff to implement.

How do you get everyone to wake up to something more strategic and realistic? Turn it into a game with boundaries and rules to follow using the Nonprofit Communications Strategic Planning Card Deck. 

During the session, attendees will learn about the deck’s 60+ cards and hear from nonprofit communications directors who have used it successfully in their organizations. 

Then we’ll break into small groups to play with the deck to solve real-world comms planning challenges, negotiating and prioritizing to create a winning hand.  

Everyone will get a PDF of the “home game” card deck to print back at the office and winners of the small group games will get a professionally printed deck.  

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the most common nonprofit communications and marketing goals, strategies, objectives and tactics
  • Play with a communications planning card deck to find the right "winning hand" for their nonprofit
  • Take home a card deck they can use to play and plan out communications scenarios back at work

Target Audience

Anyone trying to prioritize communications goals, strategies, objectives and tactics at their nonprofit



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