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20NTC Session Proposal

From Frankenstein to Fabulous: Streamlining a small nonprofit’s CRM


Like many small nonprofits, the biggest problem for the DC Bar Foundation was not that they didn’t have a CRM, but that they didn’t use it consistently.  Some staff used it, others never touched it. There was no SOP manual to ensure users employed a common logic in the system. What was meant to be a time-saver became a time-suck from a lack of oversight and structure.

In this session, you’ll hear the first-hand experience of how the Executive Director of the DC Bar Foundation looked CRM culture change in the eye and paved a way for organizational change. From working with a consultant to prioritize and simplify data architecture, to surviving the doldrums of data cleaning and hygiene, to creating a staff training program in basic CRM use, this session will prove that any small nonprofit can take its CRM from Frankenstein to fabulous.

Learning Outcomes

  • Take home enhanced confidence and ability to determine where your organization stands on the path to effective CRM use
  • Understand more clearly the necessary ingredients to promoting organization-wide respect and adoption of your CRM
  • Take home some quick fixes for ensuring your staff and colleagues begin to use your CRM effectively

Target Audience

Executive Directors, Development Directors, Program Directors, Operations Managers, Development Admin, CRM system administrators